GMC Contractors provides a variety of concrete services to meet your needs. We have a highly skilled team focused on quality and client satisfaction.

Sidewalks, Steps, and Pads

Let us help you design and install or replace your sidewalks and steps to enhance the beauty of your property. Our crews have experience working with colored or stamped concrete, exposed pea gravel, brick and flagstone pavers. We also pour and finish or patch concrete for dumpster pads, aprons, and other flatwork.


We replace old curbing or place and finish new curbing around parking lots, walkways and roadways. Proper curb height and drainage, bonding strength, direction of force upon impact, and water repellent coatings are essential factors we consider with every curbing project. The finished product must have an appealing exterior but be built to withstand heavy traffic and longevity.

Retaining Walls

We understand the importance of building retaining walls for both aesthetic appearance and functionality. Using top quality construction materials, we take into consideration the specific terrain, grade, soil and surface characteristics for your project. To ensure durability for the long-term, we often include a drainage system to prevent pressure buildup and install large footers to prevent wall sagging.

ADA Ramps

The ADA requires that all newly constructed or altered parking lots must contain curb ramps for persons with disabilities. GMC provides accessibility ramp installation in full compliance with ADA guidelines.


Bollards can be installed as a protective or architectural perimeter or as a visual guide to direct traffic and mark boundaries. We can provide a wide variety of shapes and styles to complement any building or landscape. Concrete bollards can also be reinforced with fiber or wire mesh or steel rebars for impact protection.

Storm Drains

Storm drains are necessary to manage wastewater and protect against flooding on your property. Storm drain construction may involve clearing and excavating the drainage system site, installing reinforced concrete pipe, junction structures, catch basins, and pouring and grading concrete decks.

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